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Temporal Lift

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What is a temporal lift?

Temporal lift is a surgical procedure that fixes the sagging in the temples and the upper forehead. It lifts and tightens the skin in the temporal region, lifts the outer half of the eyebrows, reduces crow's feet appearance, and revitalizes the eyes, creating a more youthful and rejuvenated look.
The main goal of a facial rejuvenation procedure is to create a well-balanced and harmonious appearance. As with all cosmetic procedures, a holistic approach should be adopted when performing a temporal lift. For instance, only working on the temples may lead to a look incompatible with the rest of the face. Therefore, the forehead, temples, and eyebrows should always be considered whole, and their relationship to the rest of the face should be thoroughly assessed.


Benefits of a temporal lift

  • Temporal lifts are longer-lasting than procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections.
  • They are less invasive and heal faster than some other types of facelifts.
  • The results of a temporal lift can be observed within two weeks.
  • Temporal lifts can improve the appearance of the eyes, eyebrows, forehead, and temple, providing a younger and revitalized expression.
Temporal Lift

How is a temporal lift done?

Temporal lifts typically combine a temple lift and a forehead lift, with tweaks depending on the patient's needs.


Temple lift

A temple lift addresses sagging skin and loss of volume in the temples. Incisions are made where the ear meets the scalp in order to elevate the outer brow of the eyebrow for a tighter appearance.


Forehead lift

Forehead lifts can be performed in two ways: The classic method or the endoscopic method.

  • Classic Forehead Lift: A classic forehead lift involves incisions between ears along the hairline to remove excess skin and fat. The remaining skin is then lifted and repositioned to create a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.
  • Endoscopic Forehead Lift: An endoscopic forehead lift is a less invasive version of a classic forehead lift. Instead of making incisions along the hairline, four or five incisions 2 cm in length are made in the hairline, and a thin endoscope is used to lift and reposition the skin. The skin on the forehead, eyebrows, and edges of the eyes is lifted off the bone membrane, excess skin is trimmed, and incisions are closed with sutures.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a temporal lift take?

The length of a temporal lift procedure will vary depending on the method and the extent of the surgery. On average, the procedure takes half an hour to two hours to complete.

What is the healing process like after a temporal lift?
Is temporal lift permanent?
Who is a good candidate for a temporal lift?
Which procedures can a temporal lift be combined with?
What is the cost of temporal lift in Turkey?

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